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Scoring Rubric

Review the four criteria that peer reviewers and members of the evaluation panel will use to score valid applications.

Is the solution likely to significantly accelerate women’s power and influence in the next ten years as measured by one of the key indicators of progress? Is the solution designed in a way that has the potential to scale nationally?

Evidence-based approach that is proven effective in accelerating women’s power and influence. Describes a sensible approach to scaling but is unlikely to scale rapidly or nationally.

Will the solution benefit different types of women equitably – particularly Black women and women of color, women in poverty, LGBTQ women, and other marginalized and/or vulnerable women? Does the leadership team reflect the communities being served? Is there a plan for receiving feedback from the women they seek to support?

Solution is proactively designed to benefit marginalized and/or vulnerable women; leadership demonstrates a consistent history engaging with the community; provides a clear path for integrating feedback but does not fully do so.

Does the solution offer a novel or breakthrough approach that will accelerate women’s power and influence? Does the proposal describe original concepts either in the idea itself, or in its approach to rapidly scale-up an existing intervention?

Proposal makes significant adaptations to an existing intervention with some new or promising ideas to serve a new geography or population.

Does the team have the skills and capacity to implement the proposed strategy, or do they have a plan to build those skills or acquire strategic partners? Do the budget and project plan align with a realistic understanding of the costs and activities needed to implement the proposed solution?

Proposes a competent, qualified team with clear strengths and substantive partnerships; presents a realistic budget and project plan with sufficient attention to detail and with adequate mitigation planning.

Equality Can’t Wait Challenge

We must accelerate progress toward gender equality. The Equality Can't Wait Challenge will award $40 million to help expand women’s power and influence in the United States by 2030. Submissions have closed.